Can I install your app on React?


I have a completely custom website (in Next.js forms), which doesn't use any platforms. 

Is there a plug and play integration for just a vanilla HTML/Javascript website? 
I saw that the reply 2 years ago did not support it.
Does it support it now?


Hello Ryla,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I'm afraid not, as to use our widgets to an unsupported platform you should have app already installed on one of the supported platforms.

- More:

Thank you.


 Do i need to have a shopify account to get to these settings?'s settings, Integrations > Developer > Platform-independent Review Widgets 

I simply want to use your widget on my Weebly website. Not a shop.

Can i do that?

Hello Kamlesh,

Yes, it is required to have our app installed on one of the supported platforms.

Thank you.

That is disappointing.

If you open up to websites, you can get to more customers.

Thanks anyway.


Thank you for your feedback I will make sure to forward it to the concerned team.

Feel free to reach back if you have any further questions.

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