Nickname changes

Even if the customer enters a nickname, the previously registered name will be displayed. 

The customer was angry when the customer's real name was displayed.
How can I solve this problem?

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Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out.

The customer can edit their name or how it will be displayed within their profile

Please kindly guide them to this guide:

Feel free to reach back if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Thank you.

We have same problem. 
We edit the reviewer name as our customer requested at "manage review" from ourside, but it sometimes change them back to the previous name (registered full name). 

It will lost our relationship with customers. 

I think the name typed at reviewing should be priority than registered fullname.

hello there 

The reviews are displayed with initials because these are Web reviews and these reviews are always displayed with initials at first no matter how the customer chooses to display their name, the display name would only be displayed how the customer chose it to be displayed when they verify their review via the verification email they receive when they leave a review,This behavior is to prevent cases where a random person, knowing an email has made a purchase before, leaves a review under that email and then we would incorrectly mark the web review as verified without the reviewer knowing. and that would also cause the email holder's name to be displayed without their consent, hence the use of initials until the review is verified.

Also the customer only can edit their display name, here's how they can do so :

For any additional information, feel free to reach out at

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