Filtering products by review without an app

Hi there, my client wants only to filter products by review. I looked at the documentation / API docs and don't really know where to begin. All I see is instructions on how to integrate with a product filter app. Any guidance? thank you!! 

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Hello there,

So the request is customers can filter the products by review on collection page right? Normally, this feature needs to be built from the Search/Filter app or from the store itself. Currently, we have an integration guidelines (,-search-apps-and-page-builders) that you can use to integrate with I believe the one you're after is the section For product recommendations and upselling, search apps and page builders

Can you check that out first to see if it helps? You can also send technical questions relating to the integration to and the team member in charge of integrations will answer your questions or escalate it to the developers if needed.

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