Woocommerce - moved from simple to variant and now need to move my product reviews

Have a woocommerce site with a number of reviews on product pages. 

Have just moved from a simple product layout to a variant product layout and I believe I need to move my reviews across.

However, do I move these to the variant page? I tested moving one and could not see it arriving in the new variant page. 

Hello Hayley,

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you please elaborate more on your inquiry?

Note that the review can only be assigned to one product, if you're looking to share reviews among products in the same group please check our guide here: https://support.judge.me/en/support/solutions/articles/44001260470-share-reviews-among-products-in-the-same-product-groups


In woo commerce all my product pages were set up as simple pages - eg. each sku had it's own page. I have been gathering reviews on each of these separate pages.  

Product a - size 1

product a  - size 2

each had their own page

 I have changed the format of my pages, so I now have a variant page - eg. One product type but multiple size options all on one page for example 

Product a - size 1, size 2, size 3 all on one product page now. This is so the SEO traffic for that product only goes to one destination rather than 2. 

I would like to move the product reviews to these new variant pages to co-incide with the same products, which have just been laid out differently on the site.



Thank you for elaborate further.

From what I understand: each variant (or SKU) that you mentioned is counted as a separated product in Woocommerce and now you create a product page for multiple variants at a time

You can gather the reviews from variants to a single product by following these steps:

1. Please follow this guide to sync your woocommerce products with Judge.me products to make sure Judge.me has the latest list of your products: https://support.judge.me/support/solutions/articles/44001917145-my-woocommerce-products-are-not-synchronized-with-judge-me-how-can-i-synchronize-them-

2. Go to your Product Dashboard via this link: https://judge.me/products

3. It will list out all your products. Please look onto the right where the column "Actions" at, you will see the arrow icon (in the middle) that says "Move review"

4. You can use that button "Move review" to move reviews from other variants into 1 product of your choice.

Thank you. I have synced the new variables and moved all the existing reviews I have manually.

Previously each SKU had it's own (simple) page...for example 

Wakame leaves 50g

Wakame leaves 100g

were each on their own page and customers would get sent a request to review the sku they had bought. If this was Wakame leaves 50g, the review appears under Wakame leaves50g on the category page, which gives a new shopper encouragement to buy.

Now i have one page for Wakame leaves (the variable) and two variants (Wakame leaves50g and Wakame leaves 100g). On the category page, there is now only one product showing 'Wakame leaves'. When a customer clicks into this variable product, they will see two size options they can select from. I would like all the reviews for both size options to be sent to the variable page where one exists and not to the individual product sizes (as they were previously being sent to when I had a simple layout).

Can you advise how I ensure this is happening otherwise if the reviews keep coming in at a SKU level I have to manually move each one across to the variable page.


Thank you writing back! 

Can you let us know your store URL so we can check and assist you better? If possible, please send an email to support@judge.me so we can discuss further about this! 

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you. As each variants of a product is registered as a product in Woocommerce, so the review would still go to each variants (instead of the main product).

There are 2 ways to achieve what you asked:

1. You can refactor and create variants in Woocommerce instead of creating them as a product like at the moment and then sync the product list with Judge.me again. 

2. You can group the the products together so they can share the reviews with each other (review submitted to a product will be shared to others in the same group). You can read more about this feature of ours here: https://support.judge.me/support/solutions/articles/44001260470-share-reviews-among-products-in-the-same-product-groups

Thank you. I have created groups and assigned each product to a group. Do I need to do anything else or will it automatically push the reviews for the sku into the product group?


Since you have choose the second method you don't which is grouping the products together that has nothing to do with the SKUs.

Upon checking your store I see that the reviews already starting grouping for products in the same group.


- https://pacificharvest.co.nz/sea-vegetables/nori-seaweed-sea-vegetables/nori-seaweed-fronds-raw-farm

- https://pacificharvest.co.nz/sea-vegetables/nori-seaweed-sea-vegetables/nori-seaweed-fronds-raw-farmed


Hi Mohammed, I have set up all these groupings but the reviews are still coming in against the individual skus that we were previously using and then I have to transfer them to the group. Is there any way to automate this? Thanks

Yes, we can also group the products automatically for you but we only have 3 options: grouping by vendor, grouping by product_type, grouping by product_tag.

I just checked your store again and I think the grouping feature (grouping manually) is working fine. Yes, indeed the reviews are still coming in from the individual skus but all of them in one group will share the same set of reviews and showing the same number of reviews.

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