Two review buttons bug

Hi, as soon as I installed the app and imported it there were two buttons and I don't know how to get rid of the second one. Anyone know how to fix it?

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Hi Luca,

Thank you for reaching out.

No worries the issue can be easily fixed! 

Can you please confirm your shop domain?


Hi, Mohammed.

We are having the same problem, too. How do you fix it?

Hi Sandy,

the issue is due to our core shortcode being duplicated! we can quickly fix it for you if you can confirm your shop domain? 


Thanks, Mohammed,

This is our domain

Thanks so much!

Also, are there other ways to translate the labels into other languages without downloading apps? This website is for Taiwan and we use traditional Chinese, I know you do offer simplified Chinese as a language option, but unfortunately, we don't use that simplified Chinese.



Hello Sandy,

Upon checking your store I don't see the review widget enabled! however since you're using (Shopify OS 2.0) please refer to this guide:

Regarding the last question I'm afraid that we only support the Simplified Chinese.

Let me know if you have any further questions! thank you.

Hi  Mohammed,

Our widget is enabled and here is a screen shot.


Please take a look again, thanks so much for your help.



Also, for the language setting are there other ways to manually set it to traditional Chinese? Is upgrading our plan the only way? Thanks!

Hi Sandy,

We have checked and fixed the issue with the duplicated "Write a Review" button.

I'm afraid that even upgrading will not solve the issue as we do not support the Traditional Chinese (you can see the list of the supported languages here: ) only Simplified Chinese is supported.

To enable any of the supported languages you can refer to this guide:

We hope this clarified your concern and feel free to reach back if you need further assistance.


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