I'm New here and want help

Now what is this platform is useful for?

My Link

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Hello there,

Thank you for reaching us here at Judge.me forum

Can you please elaborate more on your inquiry? we will be more than happy to help.

also note that you can reach us at support@judge.me if you have any questions!


I have tried to email bobonini because I ordered a dress from them and they are sending me a different dress.I tried before they dhipped it but now they have shipped I have to go through the long process of sending it back . Kelly chapman

Hello Kelly,

You've contacted Judge.me, a review app used by online shops to send review request emails, not the store you bought from. We couldn't assist you in this issue. Please try contacting bobonini directly instead.


Hello 王思杰, 

How can we help you today? Do you have any issues in using our app?

If you can ask for help from us anytime by sending an email to support@judge.me or reach us on chat. We're available 24/7 to help you.

Looking forward to hear you

Sir help kro Product dad h kam nhi kr rha h Please help

Hello Sachin, 

Can you please elaborate on what you need help with? Do you have an online store using our app and have an issue with it? Or if you are asking about order status from an item you have bought online please note we are a third party application, we cannot help with order inquiries. Thank you!

Hello Akash,

Unfortunately, we couldn't see the image you posted. Can you help us elaborate more about what concern you are having? Are you a shop owner and need help with using our app? 

Thank you! 

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