Judge.me reviews appearing as general Store reviews rather than specific product reviews


I have a total of around 80 reviews on various different products,, however after importing them through Judge.me they no longer appear as reviews on product pages, but rather as general store reviews where random reviews of different products appear.

How can I link specific product reviews to the product page they are referring to?



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Hello Cristina,

Thank you for reaching us here at Judge.me forums.

The issue on why they got imported as shop-level reviews it is due the wrong/missing product identifiers.

+ Product identifiers (product_handle or product_ids) are used to match the reviews with their concerned products.


- Moving reviews manually from shop-level reviews to their product (Section 7 from the guide here: https://support.judge.me/en/support/solutions/articles/44001257563-manage-your-reviews-in-the-reviews-dashboard ) 

- Or you can contact us at support@judge.me with the correct file and we help deleting the previously deleted reviews and we do the import for you again if the identifiers were correct.

We hope this clarified your concern and feel free to reach back if you need further assistance.


Mohamed at Judge.me

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