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Hi guys, Good morning even if you are not reading this in the evening :))

As you can see in the below image I just want stars separately from the review on the top of the product name. And I want actual reviews on the bottom of the product image. In the examples I only found stars and reviews are in the same section. And I don't need "write a review" button. I want customers to write review in the email after their order. I think that email will send automatically after the order right? I am not really sure about that.


Are these features possible in


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Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out here at forums.

That's correct we do have preview badge (stars ratings) which are separated from the review widget (check here) and you can also check some examples from here.

And we have the review widget (Check it here) - Note that the review widget is on the free plan - for the paid plan you can choose between 3 themes (check here); and yes it is possible to hide the "Write a review" button within the settings.

You can also find some of the widgets available and how they have customized by our customers from here

Regarding your last question yes we do have review request email that will be sent automatically after X days (that can be changed within the settings too).

If you have any questions please feel free to write us at we will be always happy to guide/assist!


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