review create api cannot get picture_urls

 the reviewcreate api cannot get the picture url which i put into the Parameters.the other argument are correct except the picture_urls.Here is the json

{"name":"John Doe","email":"","rating":4,"title":"Review Title","body":"review body","id":6716324610218,"url":"'. $this->shopDomain . '","platform":"shopify","ip_addr":"","picture_urls":{"0":"","1":""}}

Hello there,

Thank you for notifying us.

We also received your ticket/email about this. Our advanced supports are checking on it. Can we email you back at when we have new updates about it? Thank you so much for your collaboration

Looking forward to hearing from you.

yes ofcourse

thank you!

Upon checking your ticket, I see an advanced support has replied you. Can we continue the discussion in the email?

Thanks again for your collaboration

i saw the review which is created by support,and i found there is a picture.would you mind show me the code how to put picture_urls argument in the review create api?

Upon checking your ticket, I see that you figured out the correct format for the picture_urls argument in the API. Is that correct?

As your reply, the correct format would be:


If you are using Postman, you should use the key as picture_urls[0] and the value as the image url.

yes,thank you for the answer

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