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I'm trying to gather store reviews. Is there a way to send review requests to customers who purchased some time back? Also, is there a way for them to submit their store review right on the email (like they do for product reviews)?

In the sample I created and just sent myself, the review link goes to the all reviews page. I'm afraid they're going to get lost before they see the "write a review" button on that page. Thanks!

Hello there,

You can schedule review requests to be sent to old customers (on Shopify) by following this guide here: If you have any troubles doing it, you can contact us via email and we will do our best to help you.

Regarding store reviews submission, I'm afraid that at the moment, we haven't developed that feature yet. So the only way for customers to write a store review is to click on the button in the email. I also suggest you to explain to them how to write it in the email too. 

We are still keeping to develope many features and improving our product everyday. We do hope we can provide you more and more values in the future.

Thank you again for choosing us!

Have a great day!

Thanks; it looks like this will only allow me to send out a manual request to customers before the installation of that correct? I've had for three years but have fewer than two dozen shop reviews--but nearly 900 product I was hoping to get some of those reviewers to leave shop reviews. Is this possible? Should I check with support about a workaround, if so? Thanks!

Wait...I see the option for the CSV file! I am going to try that...thanks!

Hello there,

Although the shop review can't be submit via email, but you can add a button "Shop Review" in the email which will lead customers to your review page and leave a shop review. You can check out this guide for that:

Regarding your question: Yes the manual request will be sent out for customers before installation of (you can choose the date if you want). If you need to discuss this matter in more detail, you can write us an email at

And yes, you can also schedule manual requests (to whoever you like) via the CSV file. 

Please let me know if I can do anything to help!

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