Review Carousel Bandwidth?

Hi, I'd like to know how incorporating the review carousel in my Shopify theme will affect the bandwidth (site speed). It is an ecommerce fine jewelry site, where every piece is unique so we have a lot of product photos already.


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Regarding site speed: I would like to assure you that is pretty fast itself: why-is-judgeme-so-fast only loads one Javascript file (shopify_v2.js) thereby considerable improving the overall loading speed of your shop. 

Additionally, there are no database calls to fetch review content, as this is saved inside Shopify metafields.


For more information please check this topic; is really interesting! 

If you still worry about Review carousel affect positively the score of the site, you can also:

+Use a carousal theme without images like 'compact with no pictures', you may change the carousal theme here

+Or reduce the resolution of the pictures in the Carousel (using the settings) and featuring less reviews.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Kien Tran

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