Remove schema for collection pages


Currently We are getting issue for non product pages, like collection page in shopify.

 creating rich snippets for non-product pages like All Reviews Page, homepage, and collection pages, violates Google’s policy.

So can we remove schema code for the same pages so we can not get any error for the same.

Please let me know, for more info.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sham, thank you for reaching out.

We only add one markup to the Structured Data, the Product AggregateRating, and we only do it on those (product) pages of products that have reviews, via our product review widget.

Google means that is not allowed to have Product Structured Data on non-product or non-services pages, but you can have other structured data, of course.

If any of the issues that you mention are related to our AggregateRating, please give us more details about them at and we'll have a look.


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