Display reviews for product on non product page

Suppose I have a wordpress page that isn't a woocommerce generated page, and I'm just linking buttons on that page to add the product to the cart. 

Is it possible to display the judgeme reviews for that product on the page?

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Hello there,

Yes, that is possible to install judge.me widgets on custom pages with shortcodes and elementor.

You can find widgets shortcode in the setting or check this article: https://judgeme.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/44001699618-widgets-shortcode

Also, For the Preview badge and Review Widget:

You can use product_id to specify the product in the product widgets shortcodes. This means to be useful when the product information can’t be found inside the page, for example, non product pages or product pages heavily customized. On product pages you don’t normally need to specify the product so a generic code (e.g. [jgm-review-widget]) should be enough. If you’re planning to duplicate products, it’s recommended using these product specific shortcodes with a given product_id, so the widget will be pulling the right product information.

For example: 

  • [jgm-preview-badge id=342] to show the star rating of the product with id 342 
  • [jgm-review-widget id=342] to show the review widget of the product with id 342.

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