Display random reviews?

Has anyone figured out a way to display random reviews for the WooCommerce plugin? For example, on the home page, I'd like to be able to display a section with 2-3 reviews, but different reviews every time the page loads.. Can't expect people to read hundreds of reviews, but they'll no doubt read a few on the home page, and it's a good way to get people to read reviews that they might not have seen otherwise.. 


Unfortunately, so far we don't have option to display random reviews in any of our widgets.

On home page, we do offer a Review Carousel - which will automatically display up to 15 of the newest 5 star reviews. Merchants can also change to manual option and pick any review to display in the carousel. And of course, the carousel can't display reviews randomly. 

This is a good request though and we encourage you to post it in our forum for requests, so other shops can comment and vote on it https://judgeme.featureupvote.com/?order=popular&filter=allexceptdone


Kien Tran

Ok thank you, I've added it as a feature request as you suggested.

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