Can we have control over who is in the "community" for answering customer questions?

I love the idea of having a community of customers help answer other community questions.  However, I want customers to be able to opt in, instead of just being emailed because they had purchased the product recently.  I can assemble a group of dedicated customers who want to be on this "team" and I would like the emails sent to them, and not just any customer who bought the product within a certain time frame.  Is this possible?  I believe Amazon has an opt-in process for this.

Hello Max, creates the review request emails automatically based on order fulfillment, and schedules them to be sent after a number of days from the fulfillment date.

This process cannot be changed, however, your customers have the option to opt out from receiving the emails after they received the first one, since the emails all have an unsubscribe link on them.

Also, you can blacklist certain email addresses you already know don't want to receive the emails:

Kind regards

Leonardo Cappillo customer support

OK, thanks for letting me know.  It would be extremely helpful to have a "Whitelist" feature or the option to filter customers by tag.  That way I could add customers to the "community" as they opt in, instead of requiring them to opt out after the first one.  Our customers get a lot of transactional and marketing emails, and I hate to send them more because they will start glossing over them.  This filtering feature would enable me to target questions just to specific repeat customers who I know are dedicated and knowledgeable in answering them.

Could you submit this as a feature request to your development team?  Thanks!

Hello Max,

So far the action to "Ask Community" don't have a "Whitelist" feature or option to filter customers by tag.

This is a great feature request, you can post it at so other shops can comment and vote on it.


Kien Tran

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