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Using shopify, I installed the app to send a review request to clients after 7 days. Yet the app hasn't sent any emails yet, but now my last order is in the tab ready to get a review request email. 

Why does this app not send an email to all orders?

Hello Géraldine,

Thank you for reaching us.

When installing it will send the reviews requests only for the new fulfilled orders.

for the old order (before installing you can do it automatically -if you're on the awesome plan- check guide here:

and manually if you're on the Free forever plan, by importing a CSV file that contains all the orders information; guide here:

We hope this clarified your concern and feel free to write us back at if you need further assistance.


Mohamed Support Team


That's it, it didn't send an e-mail to all fulfilled orders after I installed the app. How is this possible? 



Hello Géraldine.

I have turned your question in a support ticket to better assist you. I sent you an email to and

I have asked you some questions regarding your issue, please let me know replying to the email I sent you.

Kind regards.

hello there

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, you can reach out to us at or via chat and we'll assist immediately!

Kind regards!

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