"not an authentic purchaser , cannot locate order placed"


You all sent a notification to use that a customer who purchased a product from us on our website , and wrote a review,  you state he  is not an authentic purchaser, when in fact he is, and we can prove it. 

whom do we prove it to, with a copy of the order and the shipping documents?

This has happened 4 x now, when what you guys write is false.



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Hello Gregory and thank you for contacting us.

We do have a strict authenticity policy about verifying reviews: https://judge.me/authenticity

When we display the Verified Buyer badge, it means we have proof that the reviews come from the customers of your shop. If an email used in a review matches an email used in an order, that review will be verified automatically. 

I've double-checked review dashboard of your shop detailers-dream-products.myshopify.com and noticed that all of reviews in this month are Web Reviews (those reviews are not verified yet because either the clients are just visitor or they could be your customer but used a different email to write review.)

You can check the source of review in Source column in your review dashboard https://judge.me/index

So, in this case, we will manually verify the reviews for you as long as you can provide evidence that they are associated with a genuine purchase or order from your shop:

+Send us a screenshot as a sample, showing that you have previously collected verified reviews within another review app / e-commerce platform

+Send us an excerpt of your customer list which we can use to identify a sample of reviewers

+For offline sales or other online stores of you: Scan of customer list or link to the shop

You can send evidence to support@judge.me - we will check and verify the review for you.

I hope this clarified your concern and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


Kien Tran

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