Cannot import the reviews from Aliexpress...


I am using shopify, and wanna import the reviews from Aliexpress. However, there's always showing import failed. I have wait and import again, but it is not work. What should I do to make it work? Thank you so much!!



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Hello Avery,

Thanks for getting in touch. We know that AliExpress is changing their page formats and page loading structure. This means sometimes we have problems importing reviews. This often occurs when AliExpress has heavy traffic, which causes their pages to have issues loading. 

In many cases, the problem is that the reviews are not correctly loading at the bottom of AliExpress pages (even when they say there are reviews on top). This means we can't import the reviews from this product at the moment.

The problem usually goes away after a while, so if you are experiencing problems, can you try again later after a couple of hours?  
if you still experience any trouble later on, please send us some of the AliExpress product links you are using and we'll check them for you.

We would need:

1. The AliExpresss links you are trying to import from

2. The Shopify product links you are trying to import into

3. Import criteria

You can reply here, or to our support email:

Kind regards.

Leonardo Cappillo
Customer support

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