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Hi - I need help from support and really need to chat to someone.  When I open up Judgeme in Firefox without logging in, I see a "Chat with Us" link at the bottom of the page, but the link is not activated.  When I log in, that link is nowhere to be seen.

It is really unusual to have an app that does not have a chat bot.  Is email the only way to contact support.  I'm getting somewhat frustrated as it seems every time I have a question I have to wait for support to email me back.

Hi Team Kindly look into this matter as I m fed up with the replacement process for wireless neck band no support from customer care side. If possible please provide refund. Order ID 2424681_BGGN543731 Reg number +91-8868041595 TRebel Rockerz 235 V2 Indianred Thanks & Regards Atul
Hello, i have ordered a one green suit ,but i received wrong item today..then I want to change that product.

Hi Shraddha,

You've contacted, a review app used by online shops to send review request emails. We are not the store you bought from.

Please contact the shop you ordered from directly regarding your request

Can you help please mai helpsaree ko inform ki thi email ke jariye lekin wo mujhe responses nai de rhe hai Please help me
Hii mai fsaree se online shopping ki thi lekin mujhe galat products de diya gya hai mujhe wo exchange ya refund request krna hai

Hello there,

Could you please confirm your shop domain/URL?

We will be glad to check on that for you!


Hi I need Help, 

I just installed the application on my Shopify site, I imported the reviews that were on my products (I was using another application initially) and my reviews appeared for an hour and then disappeared from the site although they are well present on the application...

Can you please help me please ? 

Thanks in advance

Hello Belinda,

Apologies for the inconvenience.

On few occasions we close the chats during the day, when changing shifts from one support team to the other one, or when workload is being too high. Chats are opened most of the time. You can contact us through chat right now, Belinda.

Kind regards.

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