The display position of the review has changed.


           ↓↓ Changed.


Currently, we are using the service in our shop. Thank you.

Today, the location of the review on the site has changed as above.

Is this not related to this app?

Could there be a relationship?

Please confirm.

Hello there, 

I have changed back the preview badges to where they were before.  I am not sure what must've happened, but I put back the code where it was, so the widget is showing up as before.

Let me know if you need further help. You can always reach back to us through our forum, or you can send us an email at

Kind regards.

Hello there,

Thanks for the answer.

And I'm happy to have the site come back to normal.

I will continue to use it in the future.

And, there is one other question.

When filling in a review, the customer name is also required.

Can you make sure the name doesn't go in?

Japanese customers are very sensitive to personal information and don't like it because only part of their personal name is exposed.

Let me know if there is a setting method.


Kind regards.


Hello Jason,

No worry, we do have option to change the display of reviewer name - which you can find in the settings:

Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Shop and Reviewer Details

or just click on this link:

There are 3 options available: 

  • Exactly as the reviewer provided it, e.g. John Smith (default option)
  • Using initials for the entire reviewer name, e.g. J.S.
  • Using initials after the first name, e.g. John J.S.

Or, in case you want to hide Reviewer name completely, just let us know and we will help to hide it for you with CSS. :)


Kien Tran

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