Kitten bracelet

Why haven't I received the bracelet I ordered in good faith? 

Why is the e-mail address not working?

Is this one of those internet cons?

Is anyone going to help me?

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Hello there!

You have contacted We are a third party review app and unable to answer questions relating to products. You will need to contact the store directly.  

Can you tell me please who I should be contacting regards this? Your details are the only ones I can find. Regards Sue HG
Who is the Company I need to contact? Can you give me details please? Yours are the only details I can find. Regards Sue HG

Hello Sue, is a third-party application used by the shop owner to send a review request email. 

You can find contact details on the website of the shop you've made the purchase. If you've trouble in contacting the shop, what we can recommend is:

+Report the activity to the online payment service used for the financial transaction.

+Contact your financial institution immediately upon discovering any fraudulent or suspicious activity and direct them to stop or reverse the transactions.

+Ask your financial institution to contact the corresponding financial institution where the fraudulent or suspicious transfer was sent.

Have a great day

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