Vietnam is missing from the domestic country list!

Hi, we noticed you do not have Vietnam as a domestic country in our app settings?! We are from Vietnam and need to set it up correctly. Can this be resolved? Thanks.

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By default, if store owner have never set Shipping settings in their Shopify store, Shopify will use the country registed in General information ( as Domestic country. And we collected this information from Shopify as Domestic country in our Settings, e.g: 

So, to have more "Domestic country" option (e.g: Vietnam): you (the merchant) can add the country that you want in Shipping and delivery by following these steps:

1: Go to Shipping and delivery setting:

2: Click on "Manage rates" to add new country:

3: Create new shipping zone: 

4: Add new country (e.g vietnam)

5: After added vietnam as new country, please consider your rate and conditions for Vietnam, in the below demo photo - we use same rate and conditions as the default domestic country (United States)

Important note: If you just leave it blank without rate/condition, Customers in this zone won't be able to complete checkout when purchasing products on your shop. 

Finally: don't forget to save your new General shipping settings. 

When all steps completed, Vietnam will automatically show up in the domestic country list in setting after about 24hours.

We hope this clarified your concern and feel free to reach back if you need further assistance. 

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