Woo review import only captured about 1/4th of reviews

I just ran through the process to export Woo reviews from the plugin, and import them. Before even exporting, I notice that the number of reviews to be exported notice is incorrect, it's very low compared to how many I actually have. Anyone know what could cause that?  Then when I actually do the import of the CSV, I notice that almost all of the reviews are from two products...

Hello MDC.

We're sorry for misunderstanding your problem.

We're not sure why our plugin is not fetching all of the comments. At this moment we think it's better using another plugin to try to export all of them, then import the file into Judge.me

We could try this one if you agree:


Hello MDC.

We think if could be an error in the format of the file, or a wrong product identification.

To know for sure we would need to have a look at the file you used to import the reviews.

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