your removing my reviews

I noticed your company is fraudulently removing negative reviews for a company your represent called rip stop by the roll. I will be consulting my attorney as im sure it is illegal what your doing! People make purchases based off of reviews and for you to choose to remove the real reviews and only allow reviews that are clearly fake to stay, resulting in Fraudulent misrepresentation of there product and there customer service! I just placed my review this morning and it appeared on the site for seconds up til I refreshed the page and its gone if I go to there site it is also gone. I have prepaid legal and will be insisting they take action if they determine anything your doing is illegal! Ill also be writing several district attorneys about this as it appears you operate in several states for various company's.

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us

I completely understand the frustration about the store hiding your review. Our service involves collecting and displaying feedback on behalf of e-commerce merchants for their website. As store owners, they have control over what to display on their store's website so they are responsible for moderating their own reviews.

If you want to report  this store to the e-commerce platform they are using  you can do so here  and they will further handle the

as they are better equipped to take follow up action about such issues.

please let me know if you have any further questions 

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