Refresh review section with javascript

I have used Judgeme reviews on client's sotre. I have used ajax to load the page. The thing is, the reviews are not displaying properly. When I add new review, it hides all other reviews and display recent review only.
Another thing is, when I click on pagination in review widget, it just wipe out all reviews. I can't see reviews at all.
I remember, once support team helped me with some script that I added in ajax's success call.

Can you please take a look into that?
Storefront Password: sanita123
Preview link:



Could you tell me what's the name of the theme where in the past this fix was implemented, please?

I would try to replicate it in your new theme.

I will wait for your response.

Kind regards

Thank you for the response.
It's 'TURBO (VERSION 5.0.2)'.

Hi Simoni,

I suspect there's script conflict with other apps that you're currently using.

May I know if you have made any recent changes and/or install new apps?

Hope to hear from you.


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