Fetch all reviews from API

Is there any way to fetch all reviews from an API?

Can't be found in docs - https://judge.me/api/docs/v1

Hi Sandro,

Sorry for the late reply. 

Regarding your question, is the all reviews widget part of the documentation useful to what you require?


That's the widget that can hold all the reviews of the page.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Kind regards

Hello Leonardo,

No that's not helpful. I need to fetch all reviews. Similar to https://judge.me/api/docs/v1#!#reviews-reviewsindex but I need data of all pages. 

There should be a way to fetch everything.

Thank you for your respond

Hi Sandro,

The API docs includes all the available methods we provide. Could you elaborate on how you are going to implement the features/page that need to fetch all reviews, as https://judge.me/api/docs/v1#!#reviews-reviewsindex should be the method for your requirement.

If you need to display the reviews, we would recommend you to make requests to the Judge.me Cache Server to use all reviews page widget.

Otherwise, you can construct your own sets of API calls: get all products id (https://judge.me/api/docs/v1#!#products-productsindex) then get the reviews associated with each product.

Warm regards,

Hey Linh,

I think I've made my requirement very clear and unfortunately, your response is not helpful.

I need to fetch all reviews regardless of page and product. 

I hope you could add an endpoint for fetching all reviews otherwise we'll not be able to use your service anymore :(

Best Regards

If fetching all reviews is not possible I should be able at least to fetch average rating of all reviews.

When responding please pay attention to a word ALL (not page-specific or product-specific)!


Hi Linh,

I need an endpoint to fetch all reviews as well.  I'm not seeing this in the API docs.  I need this in order to integrate ALL of the reviews into my gatsby project.  I'm not looking for a widget.  I need an endpoint to fetch all of them, store them in my graphql schema and then be able to utilize them in my project as I see fit.  

Please help make this happen.


Hi Sandro,

our all reviews widget api endpoint - https://judge.me/api/docs/v1#!#widgets-getallreviewspagewidget - accepts json_request parameter where value can be anything. That way the response is going to be json.
I am not sure how you want to get all reviews without pagination though as there might potentially be tens if not hundreds of thousands of reviews. So, pagination is necessary. 


Maksim Khier

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