Looking for adding customer review images to product images.

Hello, I'm using judge.me review for WooCommerce, is there any options when a customer submitted a review and get approved, their upload images will be automatically add to product images associated to the review as well? 

Hello there,

You can enable pictures and videos in reviews in the review widget settings here: https://judge.me/settings?jump_to=review+photos+and+videos

By doing so buttons to upload pictures will be added to the review widget write review form so your customers can upload pictures or videos when writing their reviews.

You can also enable the "media reminder email". And email will be sent to those reviewers who didn't leave a review and it will be requested to add a picture to their review.

You can find more information here:


Let us know if you need further assistance.

Kind regards

Leonardo Customer Support

Hello, it seems that I didn't give you clear explanation.
My review widget is already have pictures enabled, and now I want those pictures in the product reviews will be added and featured the product images gallery as well (in my attached picture). Can your plugin automatically add those review images to the product images gallery?

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Hello Hoàng.

Our app can't update these pictures automatically I'm afraid.

But you can still download the review pictures in the Reviews Dashboard (Judge.me Settings > Reviews -on the top bar-) then use these pictures to update the product information. We're guessing the gallery pictures are taken directly from your product information in WordPress/WooCommerce.


Hello Javi,
Thank you for your information. I think I can manually download and upload the images to the product information, it will take some time.

Hello  Hoàng,

You are welcome. 

Let us know if you need further assistance, we will happily help you.

Kind regards.

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