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Hello, I would like to manually import a review with a csv file , but it seems the picture is never imported , any help please ?

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Hello Cushy Curly,

The reason why the pictures didn't get imported is that the dropbox links are not direct links to the pictures. You need to add to your CSV file links that load directly to the picture and nothing else. The dropbox links load all of their interface to show the pictures, that is why your importation didn't work.

When you correct the links in your CSV file, you can send it to our support email support@judge.me and we would delete the previously imported reviews without pictures and proceed to upload the new file with the corrected links, so that you won't get duplicated reviews. 

Kind regards.

I tried a direct link , still doesnt work


I see, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the import of picture reviews. Could you attach the CSV file or send it to us in an email to support@judge.me We can check on the file afterwards for you, if you also confirm your shopify domain. Hoping to hear back from you. Thank you!

Hi, dear support

I have the same questions. It doesn't show images with reviews. I put the URL in the import files.

Here are my attached CSV and how it shows in my websites.

Thank you

(58.4 KB)

hello there 

Could you please share the CSV file with us on Support@judge.me along with your shop URL so we can investigate the issue further

kind regards!

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