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Hello this is Luca.

I'm on Shopify.  I'm sending requests to customers who did old orders and I'm using the CSV file method (free plan).

How does it work when a customer bought more than one item? What should I put in the product id/ product handle?

Helloo Luca,

Just add each item in the order to the CSV file as if it was an independent order. Let say you got an order with 3 products A, B and C.

Your CSV file would look like this:

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Have a nice day

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I just didn't understand your answer. You wrote "
Your CSV file would look like this:" but nothing more.

I added the items separately on different lines of the CSV, but it doesn't work. In fact, the system sends 2 separate emails. Instead, I would like the customer to receive 1 email and write 1 review for 2 different items (when they are purchased together).

Is that possible?



Hello Luca,

I'm sorry but my colleague forgot to attached the image but it should look like this

And what you're describing is our Multi review request email unfortunately it doesn't work with Schedule review request for old order, it will still send 1 email per product.

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