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Hi everyone,

I installed the plugin for woocommerce and I have a couple of questions about how it works.


1. On the single product page the plugin works perfectly. But on the product loop and widgets (for example: "Top rated products") I can't see the stars. Is there a way to connect Judge.me with the conditional logics of the woocommerce review system?


2. From what I understand, Judge.me's review system is independent of woocommerce. Can I then disable the native woocommerce review system?


Thanks for your help


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Hello Joe, thank you for reaching out.

You should disable the native system once that our plugin is up and running so, for example, you don't have 2 different review apps contacting your customers.

About the automatic installation on category pages, it may fail depending on the theme. The best way to fix it would be adding an action to install the badge using the right visual hook (the name of this hook can change depending on the theme):

add_action( 'visualhooknameoncollectionpage', array( 'JGM_Widget', 'judgeme_preview_badge' ), 10 );

After this, you can disable the automatic installation of the badge on collection pages using the toggle, in the Judge.me tab of your Wordpress admin panel.

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