Send Historical Review Requests in Woocommerce

I have just installed the free Woocommerce plugin. I see that there is no option to upgrade the Awesome and no option under  Requests -> Add Manual Requests to schedule a date range to send for order made before the plugin was installed.

Is there any way of doing this without importing a CSV?

Hello Ian,

Our app is completely free in the Woocommerce platform, that is why you don't see an option to upgrade, you're already in the awesome plan. Regarding the review requests, I'm afraid that the only way is to use the CSV file. 

The other method that you mention where we can set a date from which our app can scan the orders from before installing, only works on the Shopify platform I afraid. That is why it doesn't show up in your Woocommerce dashboard. 

Let us know if you need further assistance, you can contact us through the forum or send us an email at

Kind regards.

Hi Leonardo

Thank you for confirming this.



For anybody else needing to import historical Woocommerce orders into I successfully installed and then setup custom fields and names to match the template file that allows you to download and then upload.

Hi Ian, 

Thank you for sending us that app. We'll check it out and, we could later recommend it as you did.

Kind regards

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