Missing field "itemReviewed"

Hi, I have got several warnings from Google console that my site's 3 pages are missing field "item reviewed"

but my those pages are having proper reviews, even when I am searching that page on google the reviews are appearing in the search result.

How do I solve this?

Ex: https://www.myviralcart.com/products/bathroom-mat

Hello Saifullah.

We've disabled our Microdata because your theme's not using any Product Microdata. This should fix the issue, could you please check your Structured Data again?

Hi Javi,

My store is having the same issue:


Will this happen with my other products?


Hello Brandon.

The Product Structured Data configuration is usually the same on all product pages, so when the issue happens on one of the product pages, it'll usually happen on the others too. Same goes for the fix.

Your case is a little bit different, since your theme does have a Microdata Product Itemscope, apparently manually inserted in product.liquid.

We think you have 2 options:

-Since you already have a Product JSON-LD script pulling proper Structured Data from your product pages, you could remove both our Microdata and the Product Microdata Itemscope. Google can only use one of the options, Microdata or JSON-LD, to build the snippets.

-If you want to maintain the Microdata Itemscope, we think it should be moved to a different place in your theme to contain our Review Widget.

For any solution that you may choose, please send us a message at support@judge.me and we'll do it for you.


I have simillar problem but your answers Javi do not help me. 

Page https://bromideoxides.com/products/tested-portiga-rapid-13-x-18-cm-vintage-analogue-photographic-papier-by-agfa

an error in Google looks like this


and product-template.liquid looks like this


how I should fix that problem? 

Hello Tomek,

Your theme doesn't use Microdata, so that disable Microdata can fix Missing field "itemReviewed" error.

I see that you've disabled Microdata recently, Rich Results Test may need a couple hours or sometimes 24hours to update. So that's why you still see error remain. 

At the moment I check your shop, the error has been fixed and aggregaterating added correctly (to JSON-LD):



So could you please refresh to check it again? And feel free to let us know if you have any questions.


Kien Tran

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