itemReviewed data missing from structured data


I have the app installed on a development store I am building for a client. I used the manual installation process so I could place the widget to my liking.

When testing the current build, I am seeing the aggregate review structured data flowing in, except for the itemReviewed field.

I currently only have manually imported reviews on the site.

Is this an issue with the Judge.Me app, or is there anything that I need to do differently for the app integration?


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Hi there, 

It would help to know your stores domain so I can accurately identify the problem and check the structred data myself. That error is most likely because our review widget is adding Microdata to your product pages that have reviews (even if they are imported). If your product pages use Microdata please place the review widget inside of the Product itemscope: 

If you are not using Microdata and only using JSON-LD instead you can just disable microdata in our app settings here since it is unnecessary: 

There is more information on our apps rich snippets here: 

Let me know if this was clear, or if not a link to one of your stores product pages would help so I can check on it in the structed data testing tool. Thank you!

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