bigcommerce step by step installation for shop review only.

Please give me a step by step installation for only shop review in bigcommerce ( home page and in web page)

I don't need product review. only store review.


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Hello Abdul, you can use the all reviews page to show your shop reviews. For it you need to create a new page, select  WYSIWYG format, click on the HTML button and add this code: 

<div class="jdgm-widget jdgm-all-reviews-widget">   <div class="jdgm-all-reviews__body">&nbsp;</div> </div>

In addition whatever review left in the all reviews page will always be a shop review.

If you want to install it in your home page, you will need to put the code in your home page, where you want the widget to be.

I hope this was of help to you.

Let us know if you need further help.

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