Display Sizing Responses on Product Page?

Working with a brand that sells shoes. We see a lot of competitors that have a "fit guide" associate with their product reviews. This essentially aggregates responses to show if the shoes fit small, true to size, or large. 

Is this possible with Judge Me? 

Below is a screenshot from Merrell who has a feature like this. 


Hello Tim, thank you for reaching out.

Yes, in our paid plan is possible to add customized questions to the Review Form.

This feature is called Custom Forms and you can find more information about it in our Help Center:


Thanks Javi,
Yes, we are already using custom forms. However, we want to aggregate the answers together so we have one spot where it shows if past purchasers are saying if the shoes run large, small, or true to size. 

Right now, custom forms only show answers tied to the individual product review.

Hello Tim.

Sorry for this late reply.

We're considering implementing reports and widgets to show the results of the Custom Forms, but at this moment it's not for sure that we're going to add this to our agenda.

We'd appreciate if you could post this request in our forum so other shops can vote on it and we can evaluate the need of the feature.


I understand this is not what you're looking for, but if you export your reviews, the results of the Custom Forms will be exported too. Then you can use these results in the spreadsheet to create stats and results.

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I have the same problem, and i want the same feature :).

there's another problem, it's the display :


or is better with this style : 


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Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback. Using the same link my colleague suggested you can add that along with the same feature that was requested. You could suggest that for the rating scale instead of radio buttons a scale that is adjustable would be more preferred, along with the other suggestion asked earlier in the thread.  I do not believe we currently have plans to change the styling of the custom forms look right now, but with enough upvotes we consider each suggestion more seriously.

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Giving this a bump to see if anyone else has suggestions on how to accomplish this. 

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