Ali express reviews importer app is not working.

Ali express reviews importer app is not working.

it shows the following error

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

Hi Asim,

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Could you please guide us on how did the error triggered? what was done?

We will let the development team know so they can check on this as soon as possible ( probably at the start of the week at most), also, please let us know the results of the test on 

Please send your reply directly to so we could provide you with further assistance.

Again, so sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience and collaboration.


I just installed the app, upon opening it for first time it showed the error. I think the issue could be that I was using this app on another store in same browser.

So system may have gotten confused or installation didn't work. Then I tried to delete and install the app on other PCs but this error just don't go awat  

Store URL is: 


Thanks for being patient with us. Our app was down temporarily because of an issue with our SSL provider Sectigo, which is also affecting many other websites on the Internet. 
We think the issue has been resolved now. 

I have also checked your store, but it looks like there's a synchronization error. Our AliExpress Importer app might appear to be installed in your Shopify list but it is not truly installed. To fix this:
(1) Can you go to your list of "Apps" on the right panel in Shopify and 
(2) Click "AliExpress Review Importer" to open the app and resynch it? If this works, you can go ahead and start importing your reviews from AliExpress.
(3) If you encounter an error while trying to open the app, you can click on "Delete" to uninstall the app and then go to and click on "Add App" to reinstall us. You can also go to this link directly to install the app again if it doesn't show up on your list.

 If you have any other issues, just write back to us -- we're here to help!

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