disable review widget from certain product

Currently "The widget is automatically injected to your theme below product description". 

Is there anyway to disable this for certain product ? 

I would like to use the shortcode instead so I can place it where I want it on the product page and not have it automatically end up below the description.

Thank you

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Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out to us.

It's possible to hide the review widget on certain products. This needs to be done via CSS.

It's also okay to use the code snippets to place the review widget wherever you want in the page, not just below the product description.

Please send us the exact URL you're working on so I can assist you further as well as provide more information and short code.




This is the URL I am referring to,  https://festivalflavor.com/product/romper/

  i have used the shortcode to add the widget on the side there,

just need help removing from the product description.


Hi Taylor.

We think it should be gone if you disable it with the toggle in the Judge.me tab of your Woocommerce admin panel. Please try doing this.

is it possible to hide the review widget if there are zero reviews for a product?  (the preview badge is hidden, but I still see the widget further down the page).  Thanks! peter

Hi Peter,

Thank you for reaching us here at Judge.me forums.

In order to hide the Review Widget if the product has 0 reviews, you need to enable web reviews creation feature

From Judge.me dashboard go to Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation > Web Reviews | Enable it and save settings at the bottom.

If you have any more questions feel free to reach us at support@judge.me


Mohamed at Judge.me

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