Hi there,

I just recently got a client set up on your paid plan for and I was wondering if you had any advice for best practices for setup and settings.

I was actually surprised (impressed) with all the customization features and went looking for some documentation on the best way to set up your app and couldn't find any. Do you have any links to blogs or your own content who explains how to utilize your apps features and case studies about it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you for installing Here are a few helpdesk and blog articles with the best practices to utilize our app's features:

2/ Collect more reviews with review request emails

3/ Three ways to import your reviews from existing platforms
- Import from other review apps such as ShopifyYotpoStamped.ioLoox, etc.
- Import from e-commerce platform using AliExpress Review Importer (our free app)
- Direct import using our CSV importer

6/ Enable integrations to add extra features integrates with various app categories such as page builders, rewards, SMS, push notifications, etc.
- Check our integration page and related blog articles to learn more about each integration.

7/ Other advanced features in your Awesome plan
Coupons: give coupons as a reward to encourage your buyers to leave a review
Google Shopping: upload your reviews uploaded on Google Shopping
SEO Rich Snippets: add your reviews to Google rich snippets
Cross-shop Review Syndication: share your reviews among the shops in the same shop group
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