Deleting a review image in cache

Hi, I would like to remove an image from the cache. I have already removed the review on Shopify backend but when i enter the direct URL of the image, it still shows up. 

Hello Jasmine, thank you for getting in touch.

Do you mean removing the images in your reviews?

The images and reviews can be managed in the Reviews Dashboard, if you're using Shopify you'll find it at this link:, otherwise you just need to click on Reviews on the top bar of the settings.

Hello Javi, 

Thank you for getting back. I removed it through this link already. However, when I enter the images URL (, the image will still show up. I'm assuming that the image is stored within judgeme's cache server. I would like to remove the image off the cache server.

Hello Jasmine.

I see our development team already solved this issue by deleting the picture from our servers.

Generally this can be done on request, but we would need the exact URL of the image.

Hello, I have been using the app to manage reviews in Shopify. The problem is that I deleted a review in the BO but it still appears in the front end. I'm looking for the review but it doesn't appear in the BO anymore. How is this possible? Is there a caching issue? How can I fix this? Thanks

Hello there 

You can check if the review is still displayed on the reviews dashboard here

If the review has been hidden/archived/deleted, and it's still showing on the storefront, then it could be a cache issue and the widgets need to update so that the review no longer displays.

In any case if the issue persists, you can reach out to us on and our support team will assist you on the matter

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