User specific access

Wondering if there are specific role levels for Woocommerce plugin that have access to management of reviews? I'd like a support team member to be able to manage them as opposed to an administrator.

Hello Marshall, thank you for reaching out.

Do you mean different role levels to use I'm afraid we don't have role levels in our settings.


I need a way that a non-admin (Wordpress) can access – I'm fine with whatever they do in, I just can't provide admin access in wordpress to the user.

Hello Marshall.

As you know, it's possible to access the settings using the "Get Started" button in the admin panel (in the tab of your Woocommerce admin panel)

So the question would be better dealt with Woocommerce Customer Support: as long as you can create a new user with access only to this tab, it should work.

We think there're also some plugins that could help you to Restrict User Access.

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