Requesting reviews from all my previous customers

Hello, I would like to contact all my previous customers over the last 4 or so months for them to do an easy review through your app. How can I do this?

Hello Jess, thank you for reaching out.

Are you using Shopify?

If you are, you can automatically schedule email review requests for old orders with our paid plan: 

Otherwise, you can still use a CSV file to import these requests manually, also in the free plan: 

What happens if you want to request reviews from people who have purchased but they did it via a POS and didn't leave their email? Is there a way to send them a URL and they can pick and choose which product they want to review?

Similar to the below?


Hello Mai,

Yes, you can send them a URL to your product page so they can leave a review there. You can check out this guide on how to do it:

Basically, you can append this "#judgeme" in your product page's URL. For example, your product URL is will become When customer clicks into that link, it will redirect them to your product page, open up the form so they can write reviews.

I hope this answer clarifies your concerns. 

Please let me know if you need any extra help.

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