We are changing the SKUs and have some questions

We are changing the SKU of several products in our store (by re-uploading them), so the shopify ID would likely change as well. few questions:

1) What would be the steps to ensure the reviews can remain linked to these products?

2) Would it be possible to export/import ourself of all reviews? And make the changes, or do we need you for this.

3) What identifier is currently to link reviews to products?

Thank you in advance!

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If changing the SKU does indeed change the product ID of the product and also changes its handle (last part of the product page link) then Judge.me will consider it as a new product and the "old" product will be marked as out of store in Judge.me's product dashboard. However, I don't think this would happen, but if it does:

1. Reviews can be moved between product. You just need to go to the review index and click on the 3-dot button and then on "Move Review" and a popup window will appear where you can search for the product you'd want to move the review to.


2. If you want to export the reviews to edit the product identifiers in bulk, you can, indeed, export the reviews. There are two ways, you could export all of your reviews here: https://judge.me/import


Or if you only want to export the reviews from the specific product, go to the review index, search for the product and select all the reviews and then click on the blue export button that will appear, increase the number of reviews shown if necessary, because when clicking on the select checkbox it will only select the reviews on the current page if there are other pages you'll need to export again.

3. If you end up exporting reviews to later import them for the "new" product, the product identifiers used are the product IDs and the product handles.

The product handle is the last part of the product URL. For example, for www.yourshop.com/products/red-widget the product handle is red-widget.

Note: If a product URL has params, those params are not part of the handle. So for www.yourshop.com/products/red-widget?variant=1 the handle is still red-widget.

To find the Shopify product ID of a product, do as follows:

I hope I was able to clarify this for you, if you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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