Will imported reviews be verified and shown on Google?

I am in the process of converting my brand and high traffic reviews site to another review platform and wondering what the process is for importing this data.

I understand the process fundamentally in terms of converting from supported apps or csv for unsupported apps. However, with 3000+ currently verified reviews I am curious what the process would be for ensuring these verified reviews remain verified and if they aren't, would they still be eligible for rich snippet markup for google star rating?

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The imported reviews via CSV upload will not be automatically verified. Our app can verify reviews as long as the email used for the order fulfillment (data taken from Shopify) matches the email used for leaving a review (from our widgets).

In case a review is not, we can manually verify them as long as we are provided with any proof of the reviews authenticity. For example, any screenshot showing the review as verified on another platform, or a screenshot of customer's receipt where we could match the name and order.

Also, both verified and unverified reviews are accounted for in Google.

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