Can I keep the same reviews on both of my stores?

We are currently using as part of our Shopify store and are happy with the app. 

We are currently selling worldwide and would like to open a new Shopify store to separate regions and change our pricing in different countries. Is it possible to keep our same subscription for both stores and have the same reviews on both stores as it is exactly the same store with the same products and theme but just serving a different region.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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1. If you're expanding to a new store: by keeping the same "subscription", do you mean that you want the settings to be the same on both stores? If so, you can go to our app on your current stores > go to Settings > Advanced > Download and Restore Settings > download the current settings. When you go to a new store, you can upload the file to our app so you can have the same settings on both sites. For some Awesome features, you might need to also upgrade your new store's subscription plan to our Awesome plan to be able to keep them.

2. Additionally, if your products are identical: i.e each product has the same SKUs or set of SKUs (if they have variants), you can also try the Cross-Shop Review Syndication (Shop Group) feature where you can link your reviews from original store to the new store. However, this will not be effective if your language is also changed (we can't help you to translate review contents, unfortunately).

Let us know if you have any additional questions for us :)

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