Product groups automation by vendor

I would like to request to automate groups by vendor. Right now, we only have one vendor in the website, but we plan to include more in the future. 

I'd ideally like the reviews to show up by vendor only (not by product) because each product is one of a kind and is custom made. 

Would this be possible to set up so that reviews are only shown by vendor, and not by individual product?

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Sorry that is not possible, we can only display the review for the individual product. 

However, if you group by vendor and currently have only one vendor in the store all reviews will share across each other. When you eventually add another vendor, a second group will be automatically created for them so you will be able to display only reviews specific for that vendor but you will still need to gather the reviews themselves for each individual product. 

Let me know if this made sense, and I can also confirm that you still want the automation by the vendor? I can set that up right now for you. Awaiting your response, thank you!

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