problem with uploading reviews


I use your app via shopify. Whenever i receiba a new review by e-mail. This review does not appear on my review page. It is visibel on your app but it is not visible on my webshop.

I've already had this problem before. And then you refreshed my page. But It takes a lot of time if i have to contact you guys every time that i got a new review. Is there a solution for this?


Janne De Volder

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Hello Janne,

Thank you so much for reaching us!

After checking your current settings, we noticed that your review widget is not yet installed. To enable it, you can go to 

The review widget will be installed in your product pages, allowing your customers to leave reviews.

Moreover, you could also install the Preview Badges the same way, from 

to show your product's star ratings:

I hope this information suits you well!

Don't hesitate reaching us at if you have any more questions!

Hope you have a great day!

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