How does your WooCommerce plugin work? How do I get someone to leave a review?

I'm not understanding is how the plugin works.  Will it automatically send emails to customers after completing their order or do I have to send them?  I don't see at the moment how this is working. 

Also: I notice at the moment that just anyone can go on my website and write a review.  Is there a way in settings somewhere to make reviews only for customers?  

those are my two urgent questions.  I can figure out the other stuff I think.  Thank you for your help.

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I understand your concerns. Let me explain.

Regarding your first question. The review request emails are scheduled upon order fulfillment and the timing at which they are scheduled follow your configuration here:

You can see all the requests, in the request dashboard here: 

If you press on the 3-dot button you'll see some options to skip the request, send now, etc.

If you don't want to send review request emails, you can disable them completely here: 

I see you've disabled them for international orders.

If you don't want to request emails scheduled for certain customers, then you can blacklist their email and no review request email will ever be sent to that customer: 

Or if you don't want to sent review request emails for a certain product, you can go to the product dashboard and disable requests for certain products: 

Regarding your second question, you can enable web review creation restrictions to the review widget so that the write review button remains hidden for anyone who visits your product pages: 

In addition maybe you could disable the auto-publish feature, so that you have to manually curate every review: 

I hope I was able to clarify this for your.

Let us know if you have further questions regarding's features.

We would really appreciate if you'd consider sharing your feedback with other shop owners by leaving us a review. No obligations of course: 

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