A few questions about Google Shopping...

1. In regards to Google Shopping, do they show up on Google Shopping as product reviews or seller reviews?  

2. Are you sure they will show up on Google Shopping?  What percentage or Star ratings and reviews will Google Shopping show?

2. Do the show oth the Product star ratings and reviews on Google Shopping, or on Google search engine, or both?  

3. Where do the seller reviews show (if any)?

4. Do I need to set anything up in my Google Merchant Center to make it work?

5. Do you have examples of product ratings and reviews being shown on Google Shopping?

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1. We provide product reviews for Google Shopping, not seller reviews. 

2. Yes, our product feed feature is available on the Awesome plan and we can assist you with making it work.

3. We have Rich Snippet for Google Search engine (this is free), and Product feed for Google Shopping (on Awesome plan).

4. Judge.me currently doesn't integrate with Customer Reviews in Google or can provide you with the Seller Rating extension that shows a shop-level rating next to your domain in Google Adwords and Shopping. However, we can provide you with product ratings that will allow you to bring your product reviews to Google Shopping and Shopping Ads (Product Listings Ads), in order to enhance your paid ads.

Apart from that, you can still use both at the same time. You can have Google Customer Reviews to collect Shop Reviews, while Judge.me manages product reviews and your complete front-end (e.g. Widgets).

That would mean though, that 2 systems are asking your buyers for reviews.

For the reviews to show in the Google Shopping features you must submit both your Product Feed (if you didn't do it before) and the Reviews Feed (that we provide in our settings) to Google Merchant, observing some instructions.

Judge.me actually supports Product Listing Ads and Product Reviews in Google Shopping.

To show your product reviews on Google Shopping, you need the following:
  • At least 50 product reviews
  • Pass the manual approval process by Google Shopping team
  • Consistency in IDs (so-called strong IDs) between product feed and product reviews feed

Here's what you need to do:
  • Create your product reviews XML feed in the Judge.me app admin
  • Fill out the Product Ratings Interest Form
  • Make sure that your product feed uses SKU (Shopify product admin) as id
  • Afterwards, you can add the Product Reviews Feed to the Google Merchant Center.

Remember that for the reviews to show in both  Product Listings Ads / Google Shopping Ads and  Product Reviews in Google Shopping you must submit both your Product Feed and your Review Feed to Google through Google Merchant. We advise you to have a good look at this section in our Help Center, so you can submit a Product Feed in which the products are correctly and uniquely identified (as a Google requisite) and will match the products in the Reviews Feed that we will provide.
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