Can I integrate other email apps such as MailChimp?

Is there any plans to add any more ESP to your integrations other than just Klaviyo? We are currently using mailchimp. I have looked at klaviyo and also omnisend but I can't get past all the bad reviews for klaviyo poor customer service to switch to them.

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How would you intend to use with an ESP like MailChimp?

We don't have any plans to add more email providers in the near future. But we have been making a lot of improvements to our current email editor, which will soon allow you easily allow you a lot of greater customization, including building multiple email templates and A/B testing them. We are also looking into ways for you to provide better multiple language support in our email requests.

Also, if you are looking to send follow up email campaigns, has an integration with Zapier that triggers an event to Zapier when a review is created. You can enable it in our app setting here and set it up in Zapier HERE. You can then use Zapier to set up subsequent flows with MailChimp, for example, send out a specific campaign to customers who leave good reviews to ask for reviews in other channels, send a thank you email, or ask for referrals.

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