I think there are duplicates when importing reviews?

I imported 101 reviews from Stamped.io by uploading a CSV file but it turns out to be 167 now. I think there are duplicates? Could you help me check it please?

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We will check your Reviews dashboard to see if there are any duplicates. If any, we will go ahead and remove all the duplicated imported reviews from our end.

I am having duplicate reviews, how can i validate them?

Hello Eli,

We can delete duplicate imported reviews, but the reviews have to be absolutely identical to be considered duplicated. 

I can run the deletion process on your store. To do so, could you confirm this is the store in question:  https://www.osmotics.com/  ?

You can reply here, or send us an email at support@judge.me.

We'll wait for your response.


I accidentally imported the same reviews twice, resulting in all reviews having duplicates. How can I remove them?

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Hello there,

We can delete duplicate imported reviews from our end. Can you confirm your store URL is https://kyroscloset.com/ so I can start the delete process?

You can reply here, or send us an email at support@judge.me.

We'll be waiting for your reply.


I  imported the same reviews twice .How can I remove them?

Hello Helen,

I can help you with deleting the reviews you imported twice, from our backend. 

Could you please let me know the URL to your store so I can check on it, please?

If you don't want to present it on this public space, you can send us an email at support@judge.me. Letting us know your issue, so we know it is you, and the URL to your store.

Thank you.


I  imported the same reviews three times. The first two some of the reviews that were in a different language (i.e. Spanish) were copied over with spelling mistakes! The third time I uploaded the reviews it worked, however I now have some reviews three times and the ones in Spanish are only correct the last time I uploaded them. Can you please help?

Shopify Store: 



Best Regards,


Hello Cristina,

Given that you imported the same file 3 times, and that some reviews were incorrectly spelled. I would suggest deleting all the imported reviews and start over. Making sure before importing that the review content is correctly spelled.

I can delete all the imported reviews for you, but since it is a non-reversible action I require a confirmation from you.

I will wait for your response.

Kind regards.

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Hi Leonardo,

Yes, I confirm that I am happy for you to delete all the imported reviews and I will start over.

Thank you,


Hello Cristina!

Thank you for your confirmation!

I have started the delete process of all imported reviews for the store thewhite-blu.myshopify.com. Please kindly check again after 30 minutes or so.

Let me know if you need anything else!

If you would rather discuss anything with us via email, you can always contact us at support@judge.me

Can you please delete all reviews?  I am wanting to start fresh and reimport them.

Thank you Cheryl for getting back!

Can you please send an email to support@judge.me about this request so we can start deleting all imported reviews for you? We need a confirmation via your registered email (
info@whiteandblujewellery.com) to proceed as this request is irreversible.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Hi can someone please delete my reviews? I have imported them twice by accident, I have only just started using this app today and already running into problems. I don't understand why there isn't a option to delete reviews, as its a very basic command. My site is www.petigreepets.com.au.

Thanks Peter

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